Based on the novel by Béa Gonzalez
(With the permission of the author – underlying-rights merged)

On the eve of the Mexican Revolution, the fate of two young, star-crossed lovers is sealed when they decide to set free a ruthless plantation owner’s collection of exotic wild birds, locked up in cages.

The Story…

Set in the Yucatán in 1910, this sweeping tale of love and revenge tells the story of Sofia and Diego, a brilliant artist from Seville, whose romance is thwarted at every turn by the actions of those around them – Sofia’s father, heavily in debt to the ruthless plantation baron, Don Victor; Sofia’s mother, desperate for her daughter to marry a young gentleman of wealth; Don Victor’s son, who lusts after Sofia; and not least, Don Victor’s Slave Workers, who will rise up in rebellion.

Béa Gonzalez and ‘The Mapmaker’s Opera’

Béa Gonzalez was born in Spain and immigrated to Canada as a child. Following studies in Spain and Toronto, she pursued postgraduate studies in London, England, where she received an MA in Literary and Historical Studies from the University of London.

Gonzalez is the author of many articles, literary essays and reviews. She is also a lecturer and educator and designs and leads tours to Spain and Latin America to study their poets and writers.

She is the author of two novels, The Bitter Taste of Time and The Mapmaker’s Opera. To date, her books have been published in seven countries. You can read more about Béa here.

Who’s Who in the Musical?

DIEGO CLEMENTE, a young artist from Seville

EDWARD NELSON, an eminent American ornithologist

VERY USEFUL, his servant

ROBERTO DUARTE, owner of a failing bookstore and a plantation near ruin

GABRIELA, his wife

SOFIA, his free-spirited daughter

AUNT MARTA, Gabriela’s sister, a spinster

DON VICTOR BLANCO – an immensely wealthy plantation owner

CARLOS, his son, a dandy

DON FRANCISCO, a business associate of Don Victor

ROSITA, a servant in the Duarte house, Sofia’s confidante

LOLA FERNANDEZ – a rebel leader