A People’s History of the Mexican Revolution, La Revolución Mexicana

This video, a production of Somos Raza youth magazine from 20 November 2012, was produced to ostensibly mark the occasion of the centenary of the start of the Mexican Revolution. Camera and audiovisual production by Laura Moreno, Harry Simón Salazar, and Leyla Torres. Post-production and editing by Harry Simón Salazar. Original music by Laura Moreno.

It is an interesting 26-minute webisode-style doco. on the Mexican Revolution. The narration on more than one occasion seeks to makes its point by overemphasis, but it nonetheless tries to give a succinct (if perhaps openly biased) precis of the history of México over a hundred year period. It takes its starting point from a brief explanation of why the Revolution began, through to the golden period of stability under Lázaro Cárdenas through the WWII period. He is perhaps best remembered, at least in part, for the restoration of the system of ejidos (common lands) through a strong agrarian program to combat the domination of the large haciendas – one of the underlying contexts of The Mapmaker’s Opera.

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